You drive business growth, we'll automate the busywork.

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You're the best person to drive business; we'll automate the busywork so you can focus on what you do best.

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Here's the deal - we take the time to really understand your business and what you're trying to achieve. Then we leverage our automation and technology know-how to craft solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Workflow Automation

Streamline repetitive tasks for greater efficiency and productivity.

Custom Development

Tailor solutions to your unique needs and integrate disparate systems.


Simplify deployments, logging, and maintenance of automation.

Process Review

Evaluate workflows and identify top automation opportunities.

API Integrations

Integrate systems at a deeper level through custom APIs for advanced workflows.

Monitoring and Reporting

Integrate monitoring tools for real-time analytics and detailed reporting.

Wherever you need
us the most

Bringing tailored automation to streamline workflows in your industry.

Bottlenecks & Blockage

Is your team often blocked with worfklow constraints?

Software Spaghetti

Are you using multiple software platforms to get things done with no integration between them?

Repetitive Manual Tasks

Are your teams performing the same tasks manually often?

Lack of Visibility

Do you have a clear view of your processes and systems? Do you have clear data collection and insights?

Much Much More

If you think something can be more efficient, then we can help.

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Renee R.
June, 2022

Ittybam was fantastic. I knew on our first call they were the right team for this job. They worked tirelessly figuring out a workable and budget-friendly solution for our project and were quickly available for communication. They went above and beyond and am thrilled with the final product! I would work with them again in a heartbeat.

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