4 ways your customers benefit from support and service automation

4 ways your customers benefit from support and service automation

Hey, business rockstars! 🌟 We know you're always looking for ways to up your game and keep your customers happy. But have you ever thought about the superhero cape that could totally level up your customer service? Yep, we're talking about support and service automation! And guess what? This tech magic doesn't just make your life easier—it rolls out the red carpet for your customers too.

Customer Service Automations

The Age of Customer-Centric Automation

Long gone are the days when automation was a cold, impersonal machine. Today’s automations are more like your friendly neighborhood barista—they know your name, your favorite order, and how to make your day just a little bit brighter. In the realm of customer service, this translates to a richer, more personalized experience. And who doesn’t love that?

1. Quick Issue Resolution Across Multiple Platforms

What It Is

Automated customer support can work like a charm across multiple platforms. Whether it's email, chat, or those DMs on social media, automation ensures that no SOS call goes unanswered.

Why Customers Love It

Ever had to wait ages to get a simple question answered? Yeah, it's as fun as stepping on a Lego. With automated support, your customers get quick, efficient answers. And quick solutions equal happy customers, which is basically Business 101.

Examples: Create a new ZenDesk ticket from parsed emails, or from Facebook Messenger.

2. Complex Issue Resolution with Automated Ticket Assignment

What It Is

Some issues need a special touch or, let’s say, a specific set of skills. Automated systems can categorize customer issues and assign them to the team best equipped to handle them.

Why Customers Love It

Nobody likes being passed around to different support staff. Automation ensures that complex issues get into the right hands right away. This makes for smoother handoffs and faster problem-solving, turning potential headaches into positive experiences.

Examples: Create a new FreshDesk ticket when Intercom users are tagged. Or, Add OpenAI responses to new ZenDesk tickets.

3. Personalization at Scale with Centralized Customer Data

What It Is

Automation can pull together data from various touchpoints to create a centralized customer profile. Think of it as the customer’s ‘Greatest Hits’ album.

Why Customers Love It

Who wouldn't want to feel like a VIP? With all their information in one place, customers get a service experience that’s as personalized as a playlist that includes all their favorite jams. It's like having a personal shopper, but for customer service.

Examples: Update contacts in Hubspot with interactsion from ZenDesk.

4. Streamlined Follow-Ups for Enhanced Customer Retention

What It Is

Once an issue is resolved, automation makes sure to check back in with follow-up emails or satisfaction surveys.

Why Customers Love It

Everyone appreciates a good ‘How did we do?’ It shows you care about continually improving the customer experience, and it often turns one-time shoppers into lifelong customers.

Examples: Get Zendesk ticket alerts via SMS and update Intercom Contacts with Hubspot Data.

Getting Started with Support and Service Automations

Feeling the FOMO yet? Starting with automation doesn’t have to be like assembling IKEA furniture without the manual. Begin with one aspect of customer service, measure its impact, and go from there. If all else fails or you're not sure where to begin, remember: we're just a phone call or an email away. Yeah, we've got your back.

Support and service automation is a win-win—your business operates like a well-oiled machine, and your customers get the rockstar treatment they deserve. So go ahead, give your customer service the superhero cape it's been waiting for.

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